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True education is to learn how to think

Not what to think

- Jiddu Karishnamurthy -

​All trainings at Nolmë Labs are devised using validated instructional design methodologies informed by adult learning theories, with input from university professors. Vocational courses are vetted by experts from the field or industry. 

We believe that grades and marks should have meaning, and certificates should have value. Our grading criteria are made objective and transparent by using pre established rubric for assessments. 

Our courses are piloted before being made open as paid trainings, and revised periodically.

We value activity, demonstration, discussion, research, and case-based pedagogy, while emphasizing the theoretical and empirical bases of the material. Some courses occur as Level I and Level II to better serve this purpose.

Nolmë Labs’ faculty are trained and qualified resource persons from the field, or academicians who have specialized or worked at length in the subject of training. For queries, please email

Have a look at our upcoming trainings below!

Upcoming Trainings

  • Academic Research & Publishing 101 Summer Training Programme 2022
    Fri, 22 Apr
    Course Fee: Rs 20,000 (discounts available)
    22 Apr, 5:30 pm – 23 May, 8:30 pm
    Course Fee: Rs 20,000 (discounts available)
    The Academic Research and Publishing 101 is a 42 hour live remote training, where researchers learn the skills needed to independently navigate the entire research lifecycle - from topic ideation to scientific publishing according to international guidelines.
  • Workplace Psychology and Human Resource Management
    22 Feb, 5:00 pm – 12 Mar, 8:00 pm
    Course fee: Rs. 15,000
    Join our 30-hour intensive training in Workplace Psychology & HRM. Our curriculum prioritizes employability and a research based understanding of Organization Psychology & the principles of HR Management. Early bird and group discounts till 8th Feb, 2022. Scroll below for more details.
  • Social Sciences Research Ethics 101
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, 04 Feb
    Remote Live Training
    04 Feb, 5:00 pm – 07 Feb, 8:00 pm
    Remote Live Training
    Nolmë Labs presents a one of a kind 12 hour training in the ethics of conducting academic research in the social sciences. This course was developed keeping in mind the current lack of emphasis on actionable research ethics and the dearth of comprehensive, formal training in the area.
  • The Psychology of Morality
    Fri, 16 Apr
    Online Short Certificate Course
    16-Apr-2021, 4:30 pm – 18-Apr-2021, 6:30 pm
    Online Short Certificate Course
    Have you ever wondered how we make moral decisions? How has our sense of morality developed? And what does contemporary research say about morality? Sign up for our short certificate course to understand The Psychology of Morality.
  • Student Professional Development
    Sat, 10 Apr
    Online Short Skills Based Training
    10-Apr-2021, 4:30 pm – 11-Apr-2021, 6:30 pm
    Online Short Skills Based Training
    Let us help you kickstart your professional life!

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