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Submission guidelines

  • Please adhere to a journalistic style of writing. Hyperlink your sources within text. You may append a bibliography in APA format to encourage further reading on the topic.

  • Stick to a 800 – 1200 word limit. Analytical pieces may extend with prior permission on an exceptional basis. 

  • Do not submit articles which have previously been published elsewhere. Do not submit the article to multiple outlets simultaneously.

  • What is a good source? Depends on the claim being cited. An academic fact, concept or phenomenon should cite an academic publication (original journal articles or scientific blogs). Link to newspaper reports to cite events and happenings. Link to reliable sources of data to reference relevant statistics. Try to cite the original source as much as possible, and not secondary sources.

  • Plagiarized content will be rejected without further review.

  • Once published, intellectual property will be jointly shared with the author and with Nolmë Labs. 

  • We publish 5 broad types of articles - Reviews, OpEds, Explainers, Personal and Debunked

  • We are aspiring to establish ourselves as an intersectional feminist space, and while engaging with any topic is permissible, we would prefer that the author of a piece be the suitable authority to comment on that topic – whether through their lived experience or credentialed area of expertise. If you are unsure if your piece qualifies, send it across along with an author biography and we will get back to you.

Format of the submission

Please email your piece to editorial@nolme.in

Follow the format below to simplify our review process.

  1. Subject: Article Submission_Title (Category of publication)

  2. Email body: Please introduce yourself, the title of your piece, a brief summary of the article. 

  3. Attach an author biography that introduces you. You may attach your social media handles as well.

  4. In case you’ve been published before, please link us to your previous writings, or attach a sample of your writing. 

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